Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Snacking as well as eating five to six small meals in a day compared to three full meals, can actually be advantageous to you in helping you reach your weight loss goals. Your body is designed in such a way that it needs constant refueling throughout the day. That being the case, constant snacking then helps your body maintain proper hormone levels and maximize physical and mental energy. It also helps keep hunger at bay because you don't have to wait until you're overly hungry before eating, which puts you at risk for overeating. Choosing healthy snacks for weight loss even maximizes the good effects that snacking can do for you.

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Plan Ahead

The trick to eating healthier, not just with snacking, is to plan ahead. When you know that you have to eat more fruits and vegetables, then stock up on them. When you know that you have healthy snacks for weight loss at your disposal, the more you are likely to eat them. The same reasoning applies with eating junk food. If all you have is junk food in your home, then you'll only eat junk food even if you want to eat something healthy.

Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

1. Whole-wheat pretzels

2. Rice cake with chopped vegetables and non-fat cottage cheese

3. Any fruit

4. Baked or low-fat corn chips and refried beans as your dip

5. A handful of nuts

6. Low-fat frozen yogurt plus berries of your choice

7. Whole-grain, low-fat crackers with hummus on top

8. Whole-grain muffin with apple butter on top

9. Fruit salad tossed with non-fat yogurt plus chopped walnuts

10. Whole-grain bagel, sprinkled with grounded flaxseeds with nut butter on top

11. Microwave popcorn, low-fat

12. Pita bread (whole-wheat), with hummus and toasted

13. Bran muffins, low-fat

14. Celery sticks with hummus or nut butter inside and dried fruit on top

15. Baked sweet potato with non-fat cottage cheese on top

16. Whole-grain cereal mixed with fruit and soymilk

17. Fresh vegetable sticks plus non-fat dressing or dip

Snack Tips

1. You know that what you eat invariably affects your weight loss goals. Choose healthy snacks for weight loss that are low calorie, or even contain negative calories (you burn calories by eating them), so your body has an easier time burning them up.

2. Avoid snacking late at night. Since you are unlikely to be doing any more physical activity at night, your body slows down. As it slows down, that means that your metabolism slows down too. That means that whatever you eat around bedtime doesn't get burned anymore and are instead converted to fat stored in your body. If you really must eat, try not to go to bed immediately after and wait at least two or three hours before doing so.

3. Avoid snacks from the vending machines as much as possible. They may come in small portions but they have high levels of fat and sugar.

4. Avoid not only sugary foods but beverages as well. Smoothies, soft drinks, commercially-prepared juice drinks, coffees, and teas contain a lot of sugar. Opt to drink water instead if you are thirsty. Water not only keeps your body hydrated but it also doesn't contain any calories. If you really have to drink something else other than water, stick to low-calorie beverages or diet sodas instead.

Healthy Choices

Whether its healthy snacks for weight loss or for your regular meals, opting to have what is healthier can help you achieve your weight loss goals faster. And learning how to do this needs not just a change in eating habits but an overall change in your lifestyle. Choosing to buy healthy snacks for weight loss doesn't only aid you in losing weight, but it also helps train you to make healthier food choices. As you stick to choosing healthy snacks for weight loss over fast food and junk food, you can eventually acquire it as a new habit. By then, choosing healthy snacks for weight loss will feel like second nature to you, making you healthier and livelier in the long run.

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