All Girl Weight Loss Camp - Why it's Better

Attending a weight loss camp may be embarrassing enough - and it can get even more uncomfortable if you have to attend it alongside boys. That's why all girl weight loss camps are becoming more and more popular. All girl weight loss camps offer you effective weight loss programs designed with young women in mind. You are guaranteed to lose weight and gain even lifelong friends with other girls your own age. Here are just some reasons why enrolling in a all girl weight loss camp summer program may change your life.

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Safe and supportive environment

A women's weight loss camp allows you to work out and diet with young girls just like you in an environment that is extremely supportive and safe. You need not worry about unruly boys and young men playing tricks or teasing you. In an all girl weight loss camp, you can truly be yourself.

Group effort

Most all girl weight loss camps divide their programs into three categories - young girls (around 12 to 14 years of age), middle 'camp' (for girls 15 to 17 years old), and older 'camp' (for women 18 years old and up).

Lose the weight for good

Unlike most weight loss programs that help you lose weight only so you can gain it back several months later, good all girl weight loss camps teach you life skills that help you lose weight and keep it off - for good. Some of the best camps use cognitive behavioral therapies in group sessions, designed to take full advantage of your weight loss and imbibe lasting behavioral and lifestyle changes. Some of these therapies continue even after the camp ends - sometimes for as long as three months. Many all girl weight loss camps claim that their participants lose four pounds per week, or 16 pounds in a month.

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