Are You In A Weight Loss Rut? - How To Break Through The Weight Loss Plateau?

You set out to lose weight with the best of intentions. You are sticking to your diet - a few slips here and there, but nothing major that would result in the pounds not coming off. But, still nothing seems to be happening. You follow the weight loss program and still it has been weeks since you have seen any significant weight loss. Is this a weight loss plateau? Many people who try to lose weight get hit with a weight loss plateau. Dieting can be difficult enough - getting stuck at the same weight for weeks is extremely frustrating. Here are some tips and suggestions to help break through the dreaded weight loss plateau.

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Many weight loss programs use a similar approach to what types of food groups you eat. For example, a common combination is 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat. For a short time - to get over the weight loss plateau - make an adjustment to these percentages. Lower the amount of carbohydrates and bump up the amount of protein. Keep moving - increase the exercise. If you are struggling to get the pounds moving in the right direction again - either add exercise to your weekly calendar or increase the amount of exercise you do. Cardio exercises are excellent for burning fat. If you are already exercising - try adding five to ten minutes to your routine. If you are not currently exercising - adding even a small amount of exercise to your plan can have a huge impact on the amount of weight you lose. Give it a try! Check your calories. When you stared the weight loss program - whether you are using a formal program or you are doing it on your own - you took into consideration your weight and the number of calories needed to lose weight. if you have lost a good bit of weight already - you may need to reduce the number of calories you are eating now to continue to lose weight. For example, if you weighed 200 pounds when you began your diet and you want to weigh 120 pounds - you should eat 1600 calories per day. But, now you weigh 150 pounds and you still want to get down to 120 - now you should only eat 1400 calories per day. The Calorie Control Counsel [link -] has some great tools for weight loss.

There is not anything much more frustrating to someone trying their best to lose weight than a weight loss plateau. The good thing is realizing that this is an obstacle that most dieters have faced - so you are not alone. And fortunately, there is a lot of information, tips and advice on how to combat the dreaded weight loss plateau.

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